dog breeds with flat snouts


This breed characteristic is found in dogs of all sizes.

For Large dog breeds with flat snouts we find the German Boxer and the American Bulldog. he Olde English Bulldog belongs to the medium-sized flat snouted dog breeds. But more often they can be found among small dog breeds Examples are the French Bulldog, Pug or Boston Terrier. They are very popular among dog lovers. As their short nose often gives them a particularly sweet appearance. Also they look at us ingenuously with their round eyes. But often these little cuddly guys particular suffer from numerous diseases and symptoms due to overbreeding.


All dog breeds have a natural urge to be active and to learn. This also applies to dogs with flat snouts. But they have more problems finding objects when sniffing than dogs with long snouts. A further characteristic can be the pronounced underbite, i.e. the lower jaw stands beyond the upper jaw.

Their nature is often bright and active, but they are also loyal and patient. They are especially suitable for singles, seniors or families.


The drawback of these breeds on short noses is that for many of them breathing is impaired. This pathological nasal change is called „brachycephalic respiratory distress syndrome“. The constricted nostrils give them poor air and the additionally extended soft palate makes breathing much more difficult. Especially in summer, these dogs do not only get problems with breathing. But also with regulating their body temperature, which can quickly lead to overheating. In extreme cases, these dogs with flat snouts can only be helped with a surgery.

For dogs with flat snouts it is often very difficult to find the suitable muzzle. Off-the-shelf muzzles, which can be bought in any pet shop, can be very unpleasant and even painful for your dog.

Es ist sehr schwierig für Hunde mit flacher Schnauze, einen passenden Maulkorb zu finden. Maulkörbe von der Stange, die man in jedem Zoogeschäft kaufen kann, können für deinen Hund sehr unangenehm und sogar schmerzvoll sein.

An individually made muzzle from BUMAS is light and comfortable to wear for your dog with a flat snout. The material BioThane® is soft and flexible and does not press on your dog’s nose. It gives protection and security and is comfortable to wear.

What is the best type of muzzle for flat snouted dog breeds?


A BUMAS muzzle gives your flat snouted dog enough room to pant and drink. Due to the ergonomic fit and the custom made design. Your flat snouted dog wears the muzzle like a human wears glasses on the nose. An original BUMAS protects without disturbing.

Perfect fit

You order your custom made BUMAS according to the needs and character of your flat snouted dog. This guarantees the best fit and best wearing comfort for your dog.


You can choose your favorite combination from a wide range of colors. For the custom made BUMAS muzzle for your flat snouted dog you can combine them with each other according to your wishes.

Most popular dog breeds with flat snouts

With their approx. 40 cm they belong to the small dog breeds. They are remarkable by their compact form, the almost square head, the short / flat snout and their protruding bat-ears. The French Bulldog has the origin in the English Bulldog. They are excellent companion dogs, since they are very affectionate and have a gentle mind.

The Boston Terrier reaches an average size of 40cm and is therefore one of the small dog breeds. Characteristic is the compact physique with broad head, short / flat snout and eyes far apart. They descend from the English bulldog and are mainly being used as companion dogs today. The Boston Terrier is regarded as very intelligent, lively and very adaptable.


The short / flat snout, the bulky body and the funny curly tail are typical characteristics of this breed. The pug is cheerful, lively and well-balanced. They are particularly suitable for activities that require movement and are very popular as family dogs due to their friendly nature.

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