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Frequently asked questions

BUMAS products are made from the material BioThane®. These are nylon straps, which are coated with a soft plastic layer. Thus, your BUMAS product is not only mold resistant, but also tear and water resistant.

Only stainless rivets are used. Therefore, the dog can drink and swim with his BUMAS product at any time. Cleaning with water or in the dishwasher is also possible without any problems. Simply hang up the BUMAS product to dry.

Each BUMAS is individually handmade with love and therefore has its individual price. The price results from: ★ requested size and ★ the selected options such as forehead strap, security strap, nose-free, etc. The price ranges from about € 90 to € 350. The BUMAS muzzle is created in the configurator tool on our website. At the end of the configuration, the price is shown in relation to your selection. Of course, you can exit the ordering process any time.

Please follow the instructions in the measuring instructions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@bumas.at!

We know that you are eager to finally hold your colourful BUMAS muzzle in your hands.

The production of your custom made BUMAS product starts after the production measurements are confirmed. And after receipt of payment.

The production of our individual and custom made products takes 25 working days. As soon the parcel gets picked up by the delivery company you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number.

The delivery time depends on the country, experience values are:

★ Austria: 1 to 2 work days

★ Germany: 2 to 5 work days

★ Europe: 5 to 14 work days

★ Overseas: 2 to 4 weeks, depending on custom delays.

The new BUMAS muzzle must be adjusted to the dog first.

To do this, open the screws at the closure strap and on the strap that runs along the jaw. Now adjust the length of the straps to your dog and slightly close the screws again. Test for 2 – 3 days and make sure the BUMAS muzzle is not too loose, but also not too tight on the dog’s head.

For BioThane® BUMAS muzzles: The screws have a blue screw lock on the thread. This ensures that the screws do not loosen after the final adjustment. Please note: The screws are not fully tightened at the factory. After final adjustments, tighten the screws completely. To do this, turn the screws half a turn to a full turn above the resistance point.

For Light BioThane® BUMAS muzzles: Light BioThane ist used for very small dog breeds. If the final adjustments have already been made, you must fix the screws permanently.  To do this, open all the screws of the BUMAS again. Put a dab of screw lock into the screw sleeves and screw them back in place. Then allow the BUMAS to dry for two hours. Online orders are automatically provided with finishing kit. Includes glue spare screws and instructions.

Because the order measurements are not the same as the production measurements. The production measurements are requested only with the e-mail for the “Pant Control”. Therefore, the pant control must be replied in any case. Only after that the BUMAS muzzle can be produced.

Simply clean with water, rinse and let dry. The products are immediately ready to be used again. Do not blow dry, do not put in the microwave or in the oven!

Definitely no! Other muzzle types cannot be compared with the BUMAS muzzle. Shape, design and material differ too much. This is ehy we recommend the measurements to be taken directly from the dog for a BUMAS muzzle.

We have pre-punched holes for easy of the BUMAS muzzle. If these adjustment possibilities are not enough, you have the possibility to add more holes with a 2.5 mm hole punch. If you are unsure, please contact our support team at support@bumas.at.

BUMAS is a small company based in Austria. We are 6 employees. The best way to reach us is by e-mail at office@bumas.at. Messages are processed daily chronologically and as quickly as possible.

Treats can be given through the straps easy. Preferably through the side straps. If you choose the “Extra Safety” option, it is difficult to give treats. Because the gaps between the straps are very narrow. Panting and drinking is always possible when wearing a BUMAS muzzle. As long as the measurements have been communicated correctly!

In general yes, but it depends on the type of playing. All kinds of retrieving are not recommended by us. BioThane® is a soft material and can be pressed in. Dogs can grab objects with it if they want to. This leads to damage of the muzzle inside by the dog’s teeth, though. This mechanical damage is not a quality defect. And therefore cannot be claimed under warranty.

Note: Like a leather strap, a BioThane strap can be bitten through by the dog. Due to the webbing inside the straps, it will hardly tear.

Improper use of a BUMAS muzzle is e.g. rough mechanical use such as: digging, retrieving, pulling down, forcible stripping, gnawing and biting of the straps and rivets.

Damage caused by this behavior is recognized as such and is not covered by the warranty. We recommend positive muzzle training.

Our greatest concern is that our custom-made muzzles made of BioThane® fit each dog. Every dog must have enough room in it to breathe, pant and drink. We are very concerned to ensure this with our “pant control” – email together with the dog owner! “BUMAS – das Original.” was the first dog muzzle to receive the appropriate animal welfare certificate from the independent “Fachstelle für tiergerechte Haltung und Tierschutz” of Veterinary Medicine University of Vienna. After that also the BUMAS collars were animal welfare certified. This means that all BUMAS products are animal welfare certified.

The dog must be able to pant when wearing the BUMAS muzzle! Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting. Each dog has a different panting behavior. This is due to the shape of the snout, the effort, or the age, and also the traits of each dog. So that the BUMAS muzzle is not too big or too small, we need the information directly from the dog owner! Therefore, the “pant-control” e-mail is sent with a first non-binding suggestion of size, but this must be checked by the dog owner.  Hence “pant control”.

The dog must be able to pant with the muzzle! How to determine the correct size, please refer to the measuring instructions.

Yes, the dog can drink in a BUMAS muzzle! Of course, if the measurements have been submitted correctly! BUMAS products are water- and mould-resistant, and the rivets are stainless. So perfect for a swim or rainy walks.