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Colorful custom made muzzles
for your beloved dog.

We at BUMAS manufacture colorful muzzles, collars and leashes from BioThane® for your dog - excellent quality, handmade, customizable and made to measure.

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Colourful BUMAS Dog Muzzles

Are you looking for a functional, cool and stylish muzzle? A colourful and comfortable muzzle? Then BUMAS dog muzzles are the right thing for you!

Maximum wearing comfort with individual and custom-made BUMAS dog muzzles! Every dog’s snout is unique! Therefore, each muzzle is produced exactly to the size of the snout and the character of each dog. No pinching and squeezing anymore! Tiny snouts, flat snouts, wide snouts – by manufacturing according to the exact measurements, every dog gets the best BUMAS muzzles. 

The best muzzle needs special material: BioThane®. BUMAS muzzles are made of 100% BioThane® straps and stainless rivets. The mould-resistant BioThane® is also lightweight, tear-resistant and waterproof. These properties of the material provide optimal comfort for your dog! 

You can choose from a wide range of colours and design your BUMAS dog muzzles individually. There is nothing standing in the way of a stylish and cool dog muzzle anymore! 

Every single BUMAS muzzle is handmade in Austria with great attention to every detail. Only the best for your pup! 

We love animals! So a part of our profits regularly goes to regional animal welfare organisations. The BUMAS dog muzzles are also animal welfare certified. 

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What our customers say

I was always looking for a suitable muzzle for Emma, but never found one. Our BUMAS fits perfectly and she loves to wear it!

Julia & Emma, Germany

I need the muzzle especially on vacation, but also in rescue dog squadron. Not only the perfect fit but also the easy cleaning convinced me. Simply practical!

Michaela & Milo, Germany

We love our BUMAS muzzle and currently have two of them! For me nothing else comes close to their quality. We chose BUMAS because their products are bright easy to clean and durable. Measuring was easy and the turn around time was excellent. Quality product couldn’t be happier! As a bonus the team have always been polite and helpful!

Lorren & Loki, Great Britain

A Sharpei does not automatically fit in any muzzle. But the custom-made BUMAS fits perfectly, does not slip and is lightweight! I love the colours!

Leonie & Lia, Germany

As Norbu is a livestock guarding dog, I use the muzzle often. Mostly when we travel and visit the veterinarian it’s important he wears one. Thanks to the beautiful, bright colors, people are much more comfortable around him, but still give him the space he needs.

Judith & Norbu, Netherlands

Kaito tends to react on other dogs, if they get too close and also he likes to eat everything he sees, so we introduced BUMAS muzzle to Kaito. Muzzles are such an amazing tool for dog owners who have fearful, reactive dogs. This tool has been the best thing my dog owns.

Dorina & Kaito, Switzerland

BUMAS are our daily companions. In a world of poison baits & co, they are the perfectly fitting protection for my pups. It’s hard to imagine life without them! Carefree walking and hiking is possible at any time thanks to BUMAS! The super light BioThane® material and the perfect fit with enough room to pant and drink make BUMAS the absolute feel good muzzle. Not only they are comfortable to wear, but due to the bright colours, they are also beautiful to look at! Murphy, Elly & Loui wear them with pride!

Sam & Murphy, Elly & Loui, Austria

Dog expertise

Developed in cooperation with an animal psychologist and dog trainer

BUMAS dog muzzles were developed by the well-known dog trainer and animal psychologist Verena Lanner. Owing to her support and know-how, we were able to create a product which takes both human and dogs’ needs into account.

Animal welfare certificate

BUMAS dog muzzles were the first muzzles to receive this certificate

The Bureau for Animal Welfare was established at the University of Veterinary Medicine of Vienna and is subordinate to the Ministry of Health. Amongst other tasks, the bureau rates and designates pet accessories, awarding a conforming certificate. The assessment is based on scientific evidence, legal foundations and ethical considerations. The BUMAS muzzles have been positively certified and awarded.

Feel comfortable

BUMAS dog muzzles friendly and colorful

Friendly-looking, comfortable with a perfect fitWhen your dog is relaxed on your side. When you can be carefree in every situation. When suddenly everything fits perfectly, then it might be a BUMAS. No four-legged companion is like any other. Simply, every dog is original. And that is why every dog deserves a muzzle which is also original – a BUMAS. A dog muzzle that protects, without disturbing. Whether while playing, panting or drinking, on the go in the city or during a walk in the lush greenery.

We love dogs

BUMAS dog muzzles have been developed to be comfortable, giving your dog and you the safety, confidence and freedom you both deserve.

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Bumas - Das Original

Safety, comfort and style

We are convinced to have developed the perfect dog muzzle for every “snout”. Due to its colourful and friendly design, its comfortable and ergonomic fit. Because of the innovative material BioThane®. The result is a muzzle which is perfectly tuned to the individual needs of each dog. A need for comfort, lightweight and a high-level of wearing comfort. As well as the owner’s need for hygiene, fashion and easy handling. These are requirements BUMAS fulfills.


For a better image of dog muzzles in the interest of our dogs

“There are several muzzles on the market. But only a few fit perfectly. Most muzzles look as uncomfortable as they probably are. They are not worn with pleasure and are optically, well, not quiet a highlight.” As dog owner you might identify with this thought only too well. Finally, with BUMAS there is an alternative. Probably the best alternative on the market. A muzzle made from durable, odorless, mould resistant material. In several different colours with many extra options. BUMAS dog muzzles are custom made in Austrian handwork. It is stylish and comfortable. Due to its many colours it appears friendly. Making dog owners and passersby relaxed and feel safe in every situation.

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