Large dog breeds


For many activities such as jogging or cycling, large dog breeds are the ideal companions and are therefore very appreciated. Large dogs trigger affection and enthusiasm among their friends because of their loyal nature.

The shoulder height of medium-sized dog breeds ranges from about 40 to 59 cm. Dogs of this size are therefore a great compromise between smalland large dog breeds. Popular medium-sized dog breeds are Beagle, American Staffordshire Terrier, Australian Shepherd and many more.




On the way

It cannot be said in general terms that large dog breeds automatically need more exercise. This depends on the use and the respective breed. In general, especially hunting dogs such as Weimaraner or Labrador Retriever are great runners. While the Golden Retriever is sometimes called a family dog and tends to be more comfortable. But, each dog has its own character and this can differ from breed characteristics.

For a dog of a large dog breed it is important to offer him the necessary exercise. Often only the own garden is not enough.


The costs of a large breed dog are not automatically higher than those of a small or medium-sized dog. The decisive factor is the origin or the demand for the breed. Of course a large dog eats significantly more than smaller dogs. Since in case of illness many medicines are calculated according to weight. This also results in higher costs. Should the large dog perhaps need certain treatments such as physiotherapy or chiropractic, this is of course also associated with costs.


Large dog breeds unfortunately have a lower life expectancy compared to smaller dog breeds. The reason for this is the rapid growth in relation to age and the associated possible diseases.


Just as with small and medium sized dog breeds a good education is also essential for large dogs breeds. The better a large dog is educated, the better he gets along with his environment. The better a large dog is educated, the better he gets along with his environment.


A large dog also means more space. In a 2 room apartment he might not feel very comfortable in the long run. It may well be that over time they find themselves lacking the necessary retreat in a small space. Large dogs feel comfortable in more rural areas with plenty of open space to run around.


Large dog breeds are more prone to diagnoses such as hip and elbow dysplasia, slipped discs, heart disease or osteochondrosis dissecans. A need-optimized diet has an important role in counteracting these health problems. But also the right physical exercise to strengthen or spare certain parts of the body. Under no circumstances should a large dog with a relevant diagnosis only be rested! It should also be noted that a large dog cannot be carried easily when injured.

What is the best type of muzzle for a large breed of dog?


A BUMAS muzzle gives your large dog enough room to pant and drink. Due to the ergonomic fit and the custom made design. Your large dog wears the muzzle like a human wears glasses on the nose. An original BUMAS protects without disturbing.




Perfect fit

You order your custom made BUMAS according to the needs and character of your large dog. This guarantees the best fit and best wearing comfort for your dog.





You can choose your favorite combination from a wide range of colors. For the custom made BUMAS muzzle for your flat snouted dog you can combine them with each other according to your wishes.

Large dog breeds – your personal bodyguard

Bernese mountain dog

The Bernese mountain dog is intelligent, majestic, obedient, docile and cozy, he can live up to 9 years. He originally comes from Switzerland, where he was used as a guard dog or herding dog in the Alps. The coat of this dog, which can weigh up to 54 kg, is very distinctive: black with a white chest and paws with reddish-brown markings. With a height of up to 70cm at the withers he belongs to the large dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

Er ist vor allem durch sein creme-, gold- bis dunkel rotfarbenes Fell bekannt. Der familienfreundliche Hund ist nicht nur intelligent, zutraulich und selbstbewusst, sondern vor allem sehr motiviert und lernwillig, was ihn zum perfekten Apportierhund macht. Der Golden Retriever wird auch oft als Blindenhund eingesetzt, er kann bis zu 12 Jahren alt werden und ein Gewicht bis zu 34kg erreichen. Mit bis zu 61cm Widerristhöhe gehört er zu den großen Hunderassen.

The Labrador originally comes from Newfoundland. It is said that he is particularly well suited as a “beginner’s dog”, because he is easy to train, playful, people-oriented, good-natured and alert. Nevertheless a Lab must also be educated! Short, black to light brown fur, as well as especially the floppy ears are the trademark of Labradors. He can get up to 14 years old and can weigh between 25 and 35 kilos. With a height of up to 60 cm at the withers he belongs to the large dog breeds.

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