Medium sized dog breeds


Neither large nor small, but just medium-sized.

The shoulder height of medium-sized dog breeds ranges from about 40 to 59 cm. Dogs of this size are therefore a great compromise between smalland large dog breeds. Popular medium-sized dog breeds are Beagle, American Staffordshire Terrier, Australian Shepherd and many more.




On the way

Medium-sized dog breeds make great companions. They are the perfect leisure partner, as they enjoy every walk. But also every cuddle with their humans. Depending on the Rassethey are perfect family dogs and also faithful companions for singles. They often accompany their humans through their entire daily lives.

If you plan to take your dog to restaurants or hotels, you need to prepare in advance. The best thing is to find out whether it is really allowed. In many cities, muzzles are already compulsory for all Dog breedsFor example, in public transport, in public places and similar. Therefore it is absolutely advisable to inform yourself before planning a trip.

Many medium-sized dog breeds have a strong urge to move. Nevertheless, they also love mental activity. So for them there is a wide range of different dog sports available. Agility, flyball, recreational sports, obedience, dog dance, rescue dog work and much more are. The training work is fun for owner and dog. It strengthens their bond enormously and often leads to great successes.


Every dog, no matter what size, incurs costs. As a future dog owner, you need to know that you will need some basic gear. This ranges from a dog bed and food bowl to leash, collar and muzzle. In addition, there are food, insurance and veterinary costs. You may even need a ticket on public transport for your medium sized dog-


The following generally applies to all dog breeds: As a rule, small dog breeds grow older than larger ones. This is due, among other things, to the rapid growth of puppies. Likewise, exercise contributes to greater fitness in smaller and medium-sized dogs. These move significantly more in relation to their body size than very large dogs. As a guide, a lifespan of approx. 11-14 years is assumed for medium-sized dog breeds.


The training in one or more dog sports is, of course, also accompanied by education. Because: Training is not education! All dogs need education and should know the basic signals and be able to follow them. This is also how the bond with their owner is built up.


A medium-sized dog of course takes up more space than a small dog. Accordingly, the dog bed, dog blanket, transport box etc. must be chosen big enough. It must be possible to accommodate this gear in the flat and the car in any case.


Medium-sized dog breeds have a longer life expectancy than large dog breeds. However, it is not possible to say across the board whether they are healthier because of this. Medium-sized dogs often suffer from diseases such as hip dysplasia, slipped discs, obesity, elbow dysplasia and similar. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to origin and diet. It is also important not to overload your dog with too many activities.

Which muzzle is best for medium-sized dog breeds?


A BUMAS muzzle gives your medium-sized dog enough room to pant and drink. Due to the ergonomic fit and the custom-made design, your medium-sized dog wears the muzzle as a matter of course. Just like a human wears a light pair glasses. Your original BUMAS protects without disturbing the dog’s vision and sense of smell.

Perfect fit

You order your custom made BUMAS muzzle tailored to the needs and character of your medium-sized dog. This guarantees the best fit and comfort for your dog.


You can choose your favorite combination from a wide range of colors. For the custom made BUMAS muzzle for your flat snouted dog you can combine them with each other according to your wishes.

Small dogs – big hearts

Australian Shepherd

Originally from the USA, the Australian Shepherd is intelligent, affectionate, friendly and active. The colour variety of this dog is extremely large: Merle factor Red Merle, Black, Red Tri, Black Tri, Blue Merle, Red. He gets an age of up to 15 years. Due to his active nature, he is a suitable companion. Especially for nature-loving, active people.


A Beagle is a hunting and tracking dog that originated in England. Nevertheless, he can also be a good family dog, as he is adventurous, gentle, calm and likes to play. The coat is mostly two or three coloured with a colour combination of white, black and brown/yellow/red. The bundle of energy, up to 40cm tall and weighing up to 18kg, needs plenty of exercise.

Shiba Inu

This dog breed, which originates from Japan, is best known for its curly tail. The coat of the dog breed can be red, red-sesame, cream, black and tan, black-sesame. The Shiba Inu is charming, fearless, perceptive, self-confident, focused and very loyal. he can live up to 15 years.

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