Dog education – Part 1


Every dog needs education. No matter what dog breedsor what breed mix. Even the size and age do not matter when it comes to dog education. Even the background is not decisive.

But why is it so important to educate your dog?

Education has an impact on the behavior and development of our dogs.

We all want to have the perfect dog. He should always get along well with other dogs. He should behave well towards other people and not jump up at them. Children should be as indifferent to him as possible, just do not react inappropriately. And when there are guests, the dog is not allowed on the couch. But otherwise it is, because we like to have our beloved four-legged friend around us.

Yes exactly, but all this is education and in further consequence all these are learning processes. You have to teach your dog how to behave. But this is relative. Better said is, you have to teach your dog what you expect from him. How should he know? So the responsibility of a well behaved dog lies with the dog owner. Not the trainer, not the breeder, not the foster home, but the dog owner. And yes, it is work. But it is fun to “work” with your dog. Spending time with your dog is great, right?

“We go to dog training center once a week, and the trainers there then train my dog.”

No, dog trainers in dog training centers certainly don’t do that. In a dog training center you can take various courses and learn dog sports. But education happens in your own everyday life, where you want to have a dog that behaves according to your ideas.

“Mine’s from a breeder, he’s already educated him well.”

No, even from a breeder you do not get a ready-made perfect “dog package”. Far from it. With luck, the puppy is already well socialized if it comes from a good breeder. But education takes place in the new forever home. And especially with the future caregivers. And that makes sense.

“Mine is from a shelter and has had a lot of bad experiences. But at his foster home he has totally blossomed in the last few months and has been well educated.”

Again, no. Education happens in the new home. A dog from the shelter has sometimes already made many bad experiences. Therefore, he has now more than deserves to finally be allowed to rest. To get a good education. His past is now behind him, so he “may” be educated quietly. It will help him to get along a lot.

Education is important because it consolidates and strengthens the character. By teaching your dog to follow certain rules, to perform certain rituals, to stop showing certain reactions, you influence his mental development. This will give him security and he will develop into a sovereign partner.You will become a great team with a strong bond to each other! Your everyday life and living together will become uncomplicated and harmonious.




In part 2 of the dog education articles, we will focus on the topic “Why dog education does not ask for breed, size, weight and age”. In the meantime, feel free to leave us a comment and tell us how you feel about educating your dog. We look forward to hearing your impressions!

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