Which muzzle is the right one?


There is a wide range of muzzles on the market.

However, the right choice is decisive for whether your dog gets used to the muzzle quickly and easily. Or whether your dog will not accept the muzzle and this will be more of a torture for the both of you. The right size and fit are important. The price should play a subordinate role here, as a muzzle is usually a one-time purchase. But which muzzle is the right one? First of all, it is important to know what is available. We will introduce you to the different types of muzzles.

The nylon muzzle loop

A nylon muzzle loop is not a muzzle! It does not prevent biting. The dog cannot open his mouth when wearing it. It also prevents the dog from panting and drinking. This is relevant to animal welfare and can quickly become dangerous and lead to the dogs overheating. The question of which muzzle to use does not arise here.

The plastic muzzle

There are many models of plastic muzzles. Special attention should be paid to high-quality workmanship. Less high-quality models can quickly break when exposed to cold or too much force. Some models make it difficult to give treats. The advantages of plastic muzzles are obvious: they are usually lightweight and easy to clean.

The wire muzzle

Wire muzzles or metal muzzles have a frightening effect on many people because of their appearance. They are usually heavy and get freezing cold in winter. A plus point is the high stability of the wire muzzles, which reliably prevent biting. But this is also a minus point, because it also increases the risk of other injuries, such as bruising. Usually, giving treats is possible without any problems with these muzzles.

The leather muzzle

Leather dog muzzles are lightweight and comfortable to wear, at least initially. But many dogs are bothered by the smell of leather or the smell of the tannins. It is also almost impossible to keep a leather muzzle hygienic. Over time, it loses its shape, becomes stiff, brittle and thus unpleasant for the dog.

The BioThane® muzzle

The material BioThane® is lightweight, mould resistant, robust and easy to clean. BUMAS is the first manufacturer to make custom muzzles from this material. To reduce the fear that a Muzzles aus diesem Material nach Maß herstellt. Um die Angst, die ein Maulkorb mit sich bringt zu mindern, gibt es BUMAS muzzles are available in bright and cheerful colours. The material is very comfortable for the dog to wear. Giving the dog a treat or coating it with liverwurst to get it used to the pup is no problem.

Finally, I would like to point out again the correct and positive muzzle training Positive muzzle training is the key to success. There is nothing to be said against slowly introducing also your puppy to a muzzle. If this takes place, wearing a muzzle is no big deal for an adult dog. Wearing a well-fitting muzzle is rather comparable to wearing glasses for us humans.

Verena Lanner
Certified Animal Psychologist

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