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The Pug


Prince Charming on 4 paws

With his flat snout the pug belongs to the flat snouted dog breeds, just like the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog. He is especially conspicuous by his big eyes, his wrinkled head and simply his short snout. The origin of the pug is in China, where they have been bred for about 2000 years. Due to a questionable trend towards an ever flatter snout, the FCI standard was finally adapted. Which is again based on the original appearance of the pug. The pug is also known as Carlino or Doguillo.

Despite his small size, the pug is counted among the Molossers, which are mostly massive and muscular types of dogs. The FCIclassifies the Pug in the Group 9, which includes a total of 26 companion dogs. It is considered an aristocratic dog, since in past times it was kept by monarchs as an “imperial dog”.

Characteristics and traits of the Pug

He is considered an affectionate, faithful companion who will not leave your side. Dignity, charm, intelligence and cheerfulness characterize this jolly companion. He is intelligent, but also incredibly stubborn. So a loving, but consistent education is very important. All dogs need education and should know the basic signals and be able to follow them.

The Pug loves exercise despite its stocky build at first sight. He is not an athlete, but he likes water, fetching and balancing games. With a balanced diet and enough exercise you will be a dream team for a long time. If you live in an apartment building on the upper floors, then please take your pug in your arms when climbing stairs. As this is very unhealthy for his joints.

Due to his flat snout he often suffers from shortness of breath and subsequently from brachycephalic syndrome. Because of their narrowed nostrils they get less air than other dog breeds. Especially during summer they can have breathing problems. Unfortunately they can also easily overheat due to the high temperatures. Other breed-typical diseases of the pug are hip dyslapsia, patella luxation ( popping out of the kneecap) and demodicosis, a skin disease caused by mites.


Weight/Size:6.5 – 9kg / 25-30cm
Character:intelligent, balanced, friendly, animated, playful, affectionate, kind
Coat/Colour:Structure short, soft, smooth fitting; Colours beige, black, apricot, white or silver with black face mask
Function:Companion dog
Life expectancy:12 – 15 years

Specifics when buying a muzzle for your pug

For dogs with a flat snout like the pug, it is often very difficult to find the right muzzle. Muzzles off the shelf can be very uncomfortable and painful for your pup.

A custom made muzzle from BUMAS is pleasant and comfortable for your pug to wear. The BioThane® material is soft and flexible. Therefore does not press on your dog’s nose, but provides protection and safety.