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Muzzle training


Every training requires time and patience, so does muzzle training. Training success does not happen overnight. Therefore, each of the steps below is a training unit that should be repeated several times in a row. Train each unit about 2 – 3 times a day, for about 3 – 5 days, or until your dog feels totally comfortable with it. Give yourselves enough time. Enjoy working together, because each positive training promotes your loyalty and increases confidence – have fun! If you already use a clicker or similar in training, of course it can be used here as well!

muzzle training, dog with muzzle

Step 1: The liver pate trick

For muzzle training, spread some liver pate or cheese spread in the BUMAS and let your dog lick it all out. Repeat this a few times a day and praise your dog while he is licking diligently in the BUMAS. Keep doing this until your dog loves to stick his snout into the BUMAS.

muzzle training, dog with muzzle

Step 2: Put the straps around the neck

Put the straps around your dog’s neck while he licks. Repeat this a few times and then close the buckle briefly. After a few seconds, open the buckle again. Praise your dog and let him continue licking. This makes muzzle training really fun for him.

muzzle training, dog with muzzle

Step 3: Give treats outside the BUMAS

Your dog now knows that there is always something really tasty inside this BUMAS thing. He will therefore (re)greedily put his snout in, even if there is nothing inside yet. That’s the whole point of muzzle training. Praise him for that, when he takes his snout out again, he gets great treats outside the muzzle. Repeat this step.

muzzle training, dog with muzzle

Step 4: Give treats through the muzzle

When your dog puts his muzzle in the BUMAS, put the straps around his neck and close them. Praise your dog and give him treats from the outside through the BUMAS so that he can eat them inside. Open the clasp again, take off the BUMAS and praise your dog. Also give him treats so that he learns that muzzle = great. Repeat this step very often and extend the time of wearing it. You are already real muzzle training professionals.

muzzle training, dog with muzzle

Step 5: Walk when wearing the BUMAS

Step 4 works well now, your dog can have the BUMAS on for longer. Put the BUMAS on your dog and move 2-3 steps away from him. Call him, he should now learn to walk when wearing the muzzle. When he gets to you, praise him and give him treats through the muzzle. If your dog does not come immediately when called, lure him with the treats. When he has eaten, move a few steps away again and repeat this step in muzzle training. After a few repetitions, also increase the distance.

muzzle training, dog with muzzle

Step 6: Now the outdoor part

Now we move all the steps of the muzzle training outside. Repeat this a few times outside. If it works well, you can go for a short walk. Remember, always praise and give treats through the muzzle. If your dog tries to take the BUMAS off, kindly prevent this and praise him for his patience. Slowly increase the amount of time your dog wears the muzzle and at the same time decrease the amount of treats given. Congratulations, your dog can now wear the muzzle and associates this positively.

Of course, even if your dog already knows the BUMAS well, he can still get treats and praise. Even if you take the BUMAS off, he should get praise and treats. After all, he is now wearing his BUMASin an exemplary manner.

The following video introduces the dog to the BUMAS in a sympathetic way and in a bit different way than we have just described. It is in German, but you can still see everything clearly.